Floyd Mayweather Jr To Serve Three Months In Jail

WBC welterweight champ Mayweather due to begin his sentence on January 6

WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr, the number one drawer in boxing and arguably the best fighter pound for pound on the planet has been sentenced to 90 days in jail, 100 hours of community service and a $2,500 fine plus a year of counseling after agreeing to a plea bargain that saw him plead guilty to reduced charges of domestic violence and harassment at a Las Vegas courthouse on Wednesday. He will also be on parole for one year. Mayweather is scheduled to report to jail on January 6, 2012.

Mayweather was originally charged with hitting his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris and threatening two of their children in an argument at her home 15 months ago.

In agreeing to the plea bargain, Mayweather avoided a far more serious felony trial could have seen him serve years in prison and would have effectively ended his boxing career. As it stands, Mayweather's May appointment in Las Vegas against against an as yet to be determined opponent still stands. Mayweather will turn 35 in February, and has spoken of only continuing in the sport for a couple more years.

As of Wednesday's hearing, it is not sure if Mayweather's legal team intends to launch an appeal against the sentence, although his chief lawyer Karen Winckler reportedly claimed that they were considering it.

The Las Vegas public prosecutor Lisa Luzaich was less than happy with judge Melissa Saragosa's decision, and felt the fighter should have received a minimum 18 month sentence: ''He just continually gets himself into trouble and he is able to get himself out of it as well. Essentially it is because he is who he is and is able to get away with everything. The only thing that's going to get this man's attention is incarceration.''

After the court hearing, the fighter's estranged father said: "Regardless of what anybody says, that's my son man. My blood runs through him. I don't wish nothing bad on him. I'm very concerned about him. If he can get out, more power to him. But I don't think so.''

Speaking about whether his son could carry on boxing after leaving prison, Mayweather Senior said: ''boxing is for young men. My son is getting old in the game of boxing right now. There is no denying he's the best, and he's fortunate he never took no real beating. But how many people do you see boxing 40 years old?''

In the alleged attack on Harris, Mayweather struck the woman across her face and then twisted her arm and threatened to make her ''disappear'' in front of their children. Last October, Mayweather was found not guilty of threatening two security guards outside his Las Vegas home. Next month the fighter will plead no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge brought against him by another security guard over parking violations within the gated community where he has his mansion.

Five weight world champion Mayweather is currently 42-0 with 26 KOs, and was most recently in action in September of this year, scoring a controversial fourth round knockout over defending WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz. In an illustrious career he has defeated such high-profile fighters as Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, Zab Judah, Arturo Gatti and Diego Corrales to name but a few.

The shortlist of fighters who could face him in May includes his main rival, Filipino Manny Pacquiao, number one rated middleweight Sergio Martinez, Mexican knockout sensation Saul Alvarez and Puerto Rican light middleweight star Miguel Cotto.

The reason why top caliber fighters are queuing up to fight Mayweather is because he is the undisputed king of the box office, and his fight against Ortiz was the biggest money spinner of 2011 with 1.25 million individual US pay-per-view buys that generated $78.5 million in revenue. A short spell in prison is unlikely to harm his earning potential, and, on the contrary, is more likely to only add to his ever increasing notoriety.
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Floyd Mayweather Jr To Serve Three Months In Jail

WBC welterweight champ Mayweather due to begin his sentence on January 6

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